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Switch to integrated graphics when using battery on macOS

Run them one after the other. Each command sets a different system flag. They’re persistent once set. However, if you go into power options in Preferences and set the flag to autoswitch, it appears that these are reset to defaults.

sudo pmset -c gpuswitch 2

sudo pmset -b gpuswitch 0

Here are the flag options for pmset

-a - global (same behavior for charging and battery states)
-c - charging
-b - battery

Here are the possible options for gpuswitch

0 - integrated GPU only
1 - discrete GPU only
2 - autoswitch GPU

If you want to revert to default, run:

sudo pmset -a gpuswitch 2

which sets the global flag to autoswitch no matter which power source you’re running on, replacing any individual power options set earlier.